Finland Artist Residency

I was accepted into Finlands Arteles Creative Centre’s “Silence Awareness Existence” artist residency in January 2020, along with 12 other international artists. During this time I worked on two projects that significantly advanced the synthesis of my elemental and energetic practice.  Filaments and Durations.

Filaments. A thought struck me on day three and it was a blessing to nurture it at Arteles. Those branching veins, these braided trees, in this living forest – I thought – ‘angels track across filaments’. From the proto-filaments of our cellular being, to the massive galaxy filaments – the largest structures in the universe. Along these routes that bind galactic voids, shield dark matter, and magnetise our body – we track. We are one, of this filament, coalescing in space, with the trees. The artists here at Arteles, and creative souls everywhere, are connecting threads in endless co-creation of this universe – except, perhaps, when we stop in silence, to spend 20 minutes twice a day in quiet emptiness, in the meditation room.

"Primordial Filament Breaks" on the Arteles Desk
“Primordial Filament Breakthrough” Work in Progress

Durations. On this day of silence, I watch a fly. I give this living creature time. In this moving-image project I film living-beings in long-duration. Attending to life. To watch and be with. An open-eyed meditation? How hard! We come to nature with our stories, an agenda, some myths, a narrative. I want to see change, action, I want to be doing. So, I am filming. I am seduced by the images of nature – the low angle light, the frosty ground, the tall trees swaying in the wind. Seduction first, followed by distraction – the need to see it in another way, a new angle, and always this anticipation, waiting for change …. I am only beginning, to learn, to Be. Thank you Arteles and Finland.