Art Studio & Gallery: The Upper Room, St. John’s Anglican Church, Woolston.

Gaylene Anne Barnes (Christchurch, NZ. b. 1970)

I am a multi-disciplinary artist and filmmaker.  I have a practice that seeks to reconcile the elemental and the energetic. The lonely proton (matter) and the magnetic electron (digital). I work with matter in a conscious way.  My egg tempera and watercolour paintings build on the tradition of Christian sacred iconography. I also create non-objective artworks, inspired by geometry and science. I am an organic farmer, fermenter and herbalist. I grow, ground, infuse and distill many of my own paints and mediums. I respect and honour the animal, vegetable, and mineral elementals I work with. I work with energy as an exploratory practise requiring spiritual reconciliation, as we of the digital age are in danger of being disembodied – as cyber-flanuers inhabiting non-spaces. Light and sound, video and audio have been my primary tools in a professional career in the film and television industry.

2020, Artist Residency, Arteles Creative Centre, Finland

Film & Digital
2019 Holding the Centre – Video Art Projection, Anthroposophical Society Conference
2019 Compassion Expansion – Digital Art, Flash Frontier, LOVE Issue, Apr 2019.
2017 Seven Rivers Walking Haere Mārire – Feature Documentary, NZIFF, Lady Isaac 
2016 Hikoi on the Waikirikiri – Short Video, Down By the Liffy, Lincoln
2012 The Mobile Meat Processing Unit – Animation, NZIFF, International Festivals.
2009 Maori Links, Cultural Festival – Animated Video Projection, CBS Arena, Christchurch
2005 Mothers Day – Experimental Short Film, Wellington Fringe Film Festival
2003 Holes of History – Experimental Short Film,Wellington Fringe Film Festival
2002 RollCall Remix – Music Video – NZ Music Video Awards, Wellington
1996 Laura Paints – Stage Play, Globe Theatre, Dunedin
1995 Prisons of Infinite Space – CD Multimedia Installation, Dunedin Public Art Gallery
1993 Black Umbrella Multimedia Extravaganza – Video Projection, Zenith Cafe, Dunedin
1993 Video Art to the Music of Freud Squad – Projection, Sammy’s Nightclub, Dunedin
1991 Otago Polytechnic School of Art, Graduates Exhibition
1991 OUSA Student Exhibition, Student Union, University of Otago
1989 Southland Art Societies Young Contemporaries Exhibition, Invercargill

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