Exhibition Dates – Saturday 16 October – Saturday 13 November 2021
Atelier Gallery Studio, Nelson

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The works on paper in this exhibition were created during a creative retreat and media blackout during January 2020 at a ‘Silence, Awareness, Existence’ artist residency at Arteles Creative Centre in Finland.  The primary method of applying the pigments to paper is through breath (blowing) and through water (bleeding).

The egg tempera on board icon paintings evolved from these works.

Jacob Wrestles with Unlimited Energy
Egg tempera on board, 450x450mm, shadow framed. September 2021
Strength of Shadow Resistance
Pigment on paper, 450x280mm, framed. January 2020
ARTIST STATEMENT: Angels track on cellular and galactic filaments. I cannot sense them, only know them in the love they leave behind.  Quietly they come to this end from the beginning, wheeling on cosmic paths of lonely particles, spread so very thin. They are in love with God, but wait for me, the Seraphim and Ophanim. My eyes are shut, sleep is inevitable, is it? They circle the multiverse, waiting for a moment; a rip in the infinite, a small sliver, a golden tear, a cellular membrane, a thought stretched out, a dart of longing, a sigh, a breath. Their viral intelligence spreads across the aeons. In every breath we ask them to enter our short mortality. They are trapped in infinity.  Trying to get in. And be so diluted? We are trapped in a moment, trying to get out. Remember the Christ of a thousand suns? In sacred symmetry of CO2 there is a way. The beryl merkaba of Ezekiel. A living creature, microbes & bio-membranes. Christ searching for His beloved also took a shortcut. He left tracks. I follow them. It is elemental, it is sacred matter. Why do we destroy it? Force it to comply to our will? Christ would say stop, if He were listened too. But we persist in torturing His ghost of nitrogen and her seven sisters. Breaking bonds that cannot easily be redeemed. Our life-giver and life-taker, a planetary boundary exceeded. Now we must work hard, to feel past the sensual limitations of this small green and blue decad. This beautiful wild five, but polarised. A forgotten fifth element, and controlled wisdom ratios. Our hip will be burst, and we will limp across the multiverse. Forced to go so slowly into the future that the path disappears in front of us, some filaments are already so faint. Quickly, turn our mind to our heart to know; learn to feel. That is, repent. Learn to feel the path of the filament to God. It is a blue wash in a golden flower, resting quietly on the stop of infinite bifurcations.

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Breath Across the Multiverse, January 2020
Watercolour on 300gsm Paper
40 × 64 cm
Dart of Oraphim, Love is Communication 2021
Egg Tempera on Gesso Board
46 × 75 cm
Final Five for the Last Universal Common Ancestor, 2020
Gilded Watercolour on 300gsm Paper
25 × 25 cm