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Ayesha Ahmad – She draws the bulk of her influence from Islam’s reverence of nature, and her personal affinity with earth: natural textures, flora, seasons and the intricacies of it all. 

David Cranswick –
 For David, the physical world is a doorway through which one accesses the mysteries of the inner world. it is through the alchemy of the union of these inner and outer realities that the real beauty of a subject is revealed

Max Gimblett
 – For the last 36 years, New Zealand-born painter and ordained Buddhist monk Max Gimblett (born 1935) has been working out of the same painting studio on New York’s Lower East Side.

Aidan Hart – An ordained Reader of the Greek Orthodox Church living in Britain, Aidan has been a professional icon painter and carver for over twenty-five years. Born in Auckland, New Zealand.

Julia Morison – Julia is an avid researcher, devouring ancient and contemporary writings – from Euclidian geometry, the legacies of constructivism and formal abstraction, through to interrogation and re-imagining of alchemy, number symbolism and in particular the Jewish mystical tradition called Kabbalah.

Adam Williamson – Adam is an award winning sculptor and painter. A Sufi, his works are produced using natural materials and traditional tools and techniques.

Sue Viner
– The experience gained by years of working as a restorer and conservator has given Sue a deep appreciation and interest in traditional gilding and painting techniques which date back to medieval times and beyond, but still have a valid and valuable contribution to offer contemporary art.

Antonia di Lorenzo – Contemporary Medieval Explorer


Oliver Harrison

Maya Deren – Ritual in Transfigured Time (1946)
Maya Deren – The Very Eye Of Night (1958)

Peter Greenaway: Leonardo’s Last Supper (2010) – 45′ Art Installation

Shahzia Sikander
Sikander incorporates aesthetic debates of popular iconography and contemporary cultural theory into her work


The Waterhouse Natural Science Gallery

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