Don’t Be Afraid of Your Own Voice

1. Five principles of inspiration for sacred art creation.

  • Acknowledgement of Divinity
  • Love of Wisdom, as the essential basis of civilization
  • Spiritual vision as the life-breath of civilization
  • Maintenance of the revered traditions of mankind
  • Understanding of tradition as continual renewal

These are five of the main principles of the Temenos Academy – which seeks to give space to poets, artists, writers and thinkers who subscribe to the belief that we are firstly spiritual creatures with spiritual needs which have to be nourished if we are to fulfil our potential and be happy.  They also have a journal devoted to the arts of the Imagination. ‘Temenos’ means a ‘sacred precinct’.

2. A few of Artist’s Kirsty Deetz’s writings on the “Artist’s Guide for True Engagement in the Creative Process”. I’ve just chosen a few to avoid complete plagarism. But I recommend you read them all here!

  1. Lazy Boy Recliner on the Edge of the Great Abyss
    Be comfortable with not knowing what you are doing.
  2. Sisyphus Says
    Be willing to start over any number of times.
  3. Order out Chaos
    Organize your time obsessively.
  4. Knievel’s Leap
    Take risks in your work.
  5. The Voice of Terror
    Don’t be afraid of your own thoughts.


Kirsty Deetz, 2009-2012. Lazy Boy Recliner on the Edge of the Great Abyss. Retrieved from: University of Wisconsin–Green Bay; Wisconsin, USA.

The Temenos Academy, 2013. Retrieved from: Kent: UK.

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