It was the making of an Art Object – for a funeral ritual – that first distinguished the ‘human’ from the ‘pre-human’. It is our yearning after the afterlife, our slim grasp of eternity, and our ongoing search for god, our search for the original spark of consciousness that is what makes us human.

As humans we have to create art.

We transform stuff of the earth into something more – into a thing of beauty, of transcendence, contemplation, and reverence.

This is no small thing – the Art Object/Image has resonance, we respect this. 

All civilisations, past and present, have a sacred art that goes hand in hand with their story – it is within art where cultures can connect and diversity is celebrated. Our technologies – mathematics, science, engineering, astronomy, information – these are to employed in the service of art.  We must create new and relive old stories to try and understand “where we have come from, where we are going, and why we are doing what we are doing.”

Art plays the largest part in the evolving transformation and understanding of our world.

It is the job of the artist to synthesis all the hypotheses. To put together the rational and the ethereal, the fact and the story, the science and the myth. In this place of gentle exploration, new understandings of ancient truths will be revealed. Artists will find a way to mediate between the here and now, presence and eternity.