Monad Merge

I dissect my soul. A cross-section on the X-axis (CS-X). It is the first movement into dimension.

On this white ground of chaos – I find I exist. [Raw unsanded white gesso ground, made from calcium carbonate and diatomaceous earth with rabbit-skin glue].

Yet I am nowhere, this zero-point of no dimensions. It is a blinding wilderness. This lonely point is too hard to endure, I must manifest. [Gesso splatters.]

I reach beyond this blinding ground of being. I quietly send out a watery ray of blue; searching for another, wanting to bind, to magnetise, to not be so alone. [Manganese and ultra-marine blue pigments in an organic-egg tempera binder, watery drips defined by gravity from center to the circumference].

I also desire to act, to be; this decisiveness in my manifestation, those electric violet rays. I exercise myself, so powerful in action. [Mineral violet pigment in tempera].

My beloved magnetic feminine; my powerful active masculine.

Together we stretch into the first dimension, from the axis of our origin point. We are no longer zero! We are unity; we are one. We extend in equality, together. We find that we can be. This golden domain – so significant. I am. [23kt transfer gold leaf on bare gesso]

But … we are still alone, in our uncreated golden domain. We must expand, we must yet manifest. We divide ourselves into 3; we stretch as 6. Particle life begins. Is this because of us?! This density, this black plasma, accelerating outside the shield of our being. [Black and brown burnt bone carbon pigment, from home-grown organic pigs, bonded with egg-tempera].

We will embrace you, beautiful carbon, perfect 666, we want to bond with you and become one with you. There is much matter yet to complete, in our manifestation.