Rupture of Wisdom Now

The Revelation of the Mysteries Hidden in Silence

“… This all became a tomb,
A new kind of body.

Those thieves bound the man in it,
Enchained him in forgetfulness,
Made him subject to dying.

[His was the first descent
And the first separation.
Yet the light-filled Epinoia/Sophia within him will elevate his thinking.]”


Woman Comes into Being 

“The light-filled Epinoia hid deep within Adam.
The Chief Ruler tried to remove her from his ribcage,
But Epinoia cannot be captured.
Although the darkness pursued her it did not catch her.

The Chief ruler did remove a portion of his Power from Adam
To create a person with a woman’s form
Modeled on the light-filled Epinoia that had been manifested to him.
He placed the Power removed from the man into the woman.

[It did not happen the way Moses said it did:
“he took a rib and made the woman.”]

Adam saw the woman standing next to him.
The light-filled Epinoia immediately appeared to him
She raised up the veil that dulled his mind.
He sobered up from the dark drunkenness
And he recognized his own counterpart.

He said: “This is bone from my bones
Flesh from my flesh.”
Because of this a man will leave his mother and father
And be joined to a woman and those two will become one flesh.
For they will send his helper to him. 

[Sophia, our sister, came down
Descending innocently
So as to regain what she had lost.
Therefore she was called Life.
The Mother of the Living
The one from the Providence of the Authority of Heaven
By her assistance people can achieve perfect knowledge.]”

from: [The Teaching of the Savior]
The Revelation of the Mysteries Hidden in Silence
[Those Things that He Taught to John, His Disciple]

GB: Hidden in Adam (that unfinished human body and soul thrown into time and matter) was Enlightened Insight – put there by Sophia to remind him where he came from and who he was. Adam, in drunken forgetfulness is not awake, unfortunately. Wake up! But before he can  – the Jealous God tries to remove insight and all remnants of Sophia and Adam’s knowledge of himself. Silently and stealthily the Living God, at the request of Sophia, quietly removes a portion of Insight from Adam while he sleeps… and fashions this in the image of Sophia – the Mother. Adam wakes up finally – when he recognises himself in the wisdom reflected in the face of woman. They must join together to achieve perfect knowledge.  This is the spiritual feminine (wisdom and insight) and the spiritual masculine (bone and flesh). 

In perfect Wisdom I trust. This is the Will of the Mother.


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