Gurdjieff Movement (in three acts)

Gurdjieff Movement – Visualisation Exercise – YouTube

This geometric expression of the human body, as designed by esoteric Christian mystic Georgi Ivanovitch Gurdjieff (1866-1949) exemplifies in a beautiful way an idea I was exploring earlier in the year:

The three Acts of eternal and present Time –

  • Act 1: The Incarnation – One Woman raises her arms, her head and her soul to heaven at the time of the annunciation (11.11pm) – heaven answers her.
  • Act 2: The Death – at 2.45pm One Man is raised on the cross with outstretched arms and dies during an earthquake and a strange eclipse of the sun (it was a new moon) The sky turns dark, blood red.
  • Act 3: The Resurrection – in the early morning hour (7.20am) all Humanity reaches to the Earth and the unity of heaven and earth is complete.

I have been looking for ways to express this idea – and am happy to have stumbled across Gurdjieff’s work. : )


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