OREXART – ‘Moonlight Mile’

Orexart presents Andrew Curtis’ ‘Moonlight Mile’, first shown at Melbourne’s Blockprojects in February 2013 to critical review.

“Andrew Curtis’s large-scale monochrome photographs possess a planetary bent if taken at a glance. These stunningly lit, meticulously detailed images resemble towering mountains and vast lunar landscapes, uninhabited but for the photographic record and their long, cold shadows.”

via OREXART – Exhibitions.

G. Barnes: The earthly made unearthly, heavenly. Pure earth (dirt) staged and carved with the memory of a mountain. These images remind us of how we take for granted the quality of light of our Sun, with just a small ‘lunar’ shift in lighting – the world seems so much more remarkable.

Hoppers Crossing 1, 2012. Archival pigment print on cotton rag. 1200 x 1800mm


One thought on “OREXART – ‘Moonlight Mile’

  1. I know right!!! its such a great work and tangently crossing over into film project Ive heard about.

    On another note I went to a talk recently where an experienced art photographer Christine Ranken was talking and showing her work and one comment that stuck in my mind was when she found something in the landscape that looked like something else that was
    when she knew she was on to a winner. So too Andrew Curtis looking for those Lunar landscapes. I can definitely see the appeal links for/to your work too. The Lunar mind scape

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