Dieter Roth, at Camden Arts Centre

Dieter Roth

“This exhibition of ‘diary’ works by the late Dieter Roth reveals a banal artist who became brilliant in old age, says Alastair Smart. …  Some 128 video screens are arranged in a grid, each showing real-time footage of the artist on different days towards the end of his life.” (Smart, A. 2013. Review for The Telegraph. UK.)

via Dieter Roth, at Camden Arts Centre, review – Telegraph.

GB. I have been recording my time painting – real-time unedited footage – as studio notes, as a video diary. Noel suggested I look at Dieter Roth – who made similar recordings at the end of his life. (see above)

My recordings are not intended to be the ‘end game’ – ie. for its own sake as in a performance – I have several reasons to make these:

  • to watch myself as a painter, one step back from myself, and thereby gain perspective
  • unsure if I am a painter or a filmmaker? I am crossing the boundaries
  • to define in real-time the actual ‘presence’, the ‘becoming’ as opposed to the final static result. (although it does becomes historical archive footage immediately after the event)
  • a long-term concern of mine has been ‘labour’, I am consciously aware of the work that is involved in food, shelter, the products of our modern life. This process is work/time fulfillment. (nb. 1 litre of petrol = 3 weeks manual labour)
  • I actually find the process of painting, especially tempera and sacred icon painting – really interesting!




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