Space in the Brain | Wikström and Sven Höglund’s 1969

Space in the Brain – ‘Electronic Painting’  – see on Vimeo 

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 5.33.08 PM“Sjölander, Wikström and Sven Höglund’s 1969 Space in the Brain extended the Whitneys’ fascination with inner and outer spaces. The artists manipulated still images of the Apollo 11 mission – given to them by the American government – into full-color abstractions to produce a “space opera” set to searing acid rock by Hansson & Karlsson. The piece makes use of close-ups of an eyeball, before layering in shifting, rotating washes of hot pink, searing yellow, and electric blue forms, concluding with the overlaying of those video shapes on top of still images of deep space.” (Zinman, G; p. 147)


Zinman, G. (2012) Analog Circuit Palettes, Cathode Ray Canvases.  FILM HISTORY Volume 24, pp. 135–157, Issue 2. Indiana University Press



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